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2016-01-01 Polar Bear Ride 2016-01-14 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting 2016-02-11 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting
2016-02-20 LOH Neon Night Bowling 2016-02-28 Doc's Riverside Grill 2016-04-03 Breakfast at the American Legion in Harrington, DE
2016-04-14 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting 2016-04-23 Delmarva HOG Blazing Saddles Poker Run 2016-05-14 Delmarva HOG goes to the Shorebirds Game
2016-05-14 LOH Beanie Baby Drop Ride 2016-05-19 Delaware Maryland H.O.G. Rally 2016-05-28 Tennessee H.O.G. Rally in Memphis
2016-06-09 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting in the Enchanted Forest 2016-06-12 Water's Edge in Crisfield, MD 2016-06-14 LOH Ice Cream Ride
2016-06-19 Miller's Smorgasbord in Lancaster, PA 2016-06-26 Old Salty's Hooper Island 2016-07-02 Hopewell Furnace Overnight Ride
2016-07-09 Baltimore HOG Chapter Panty Poker Run 2016-07-10 H.O.G. Appreciation Lunch by Rommel H-D 2016-07-14 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting
2016-07-16 Williamsport HOG Poker Run 2016-07-17 Lunch ride to Palm Beach Willies in Taylor Island 2016-08-07 Fat Daddy's BBQ
2016-08-11 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting 2016-08-13 Old Glory HOG Chapter Poker Run 2016-08-17 LOH Ice Cream Ride to King's
2016-08-21 Delmarva HOG Blazing Saddles II Poker Run 2016-08-27 Annapolis Military Mania Poker Run 2016-08-28 LOH Ride to Chicoteague
2016-09-02 Overnight trip to Woodstock at Bethel Woods, NY 2016-09-08 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meet, Pizza Party, Ben ready to retire 2016-09-10 Red Roost Ride to join 11-Chapters Crab Run
2016-09-25 Delmarva HOG Chapter Picnic 2016-10-13 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting & Ice Cream 2016-11-10 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting
2016-11-12 LOH Bowling at Millsboro Lanes 2016-12-08 Delmarva HOG Chapter Meeting