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2012-01-01 Polar Bear Plunge 2012-01-28 MDA Chili Cookoff 2012-02-09 Pig Primary
2012-02-11 HOG Ball 2012-02-25 LOH Bowling 2012-03-11 Old West Steakhouse Ride
2012-03-17 Daytona Dreaming and LOH Bake Sale 2012-03-31 LOH Lunch at the Stargate Diner 2012-04-01 Get the Dust Off and Ice Cream at DQ Millsboro
2012-04-07 Signing Scrolls with George Red Knights Bike Blessing 2012-04-07 Walter Reed Bethesda 2012-04-15 Delmarva HOG STIRS Poker Run
2012-04-26 Ladies Garage Party Seaford HD 2012-04-28 Fort Washington Poker Run 2012-04-29 Picnic Lunch and Ice Cream Ride
2012-05-05 MDA Ride for Life 2012-05-06 Rock Hall Bikefest 2012-05-12 LOH Yard Sale
2012-05-19 Williamsport Poker Run 2012-05-25 - Seaford Harley Cruise In 2012-05-26 Fort Washington HD Iwo Jima Trip
2012-05-27 Rolling Thunder 2012-05-28 Welcome Home Motorcycle Escort 1049 th Transportation Co 2012-06-02 Balto Metro Poker RunFort McHenry Ride
2012-06-03 Bayshore Biker Sunday 2012-06-09 Federalsburg VFW Bike show 2012-06-10 Kitty Knight House Lunch Ride
2012-06-23 All American Brain Freeze Poker Run 2012-06-24 Hog Blast 2nd Annual 2012-06-30 group rider safety class customer appreciation
2012-07-01 Old Saltys lunch ride 2012-07-08 Beat the Heat Breakfast ride 2012-07-14 Red Roost Ride
2012-07-15 Destination Unknown Pats BD ride 2012-07-22 Breakfast ride mason dixon VFW 2012-07-28 Old Glory Get Lei d poker run
2012-07-29 Delmarva Ride lunch 2012-08-05 Crabby Dicks Lunch Ride 2012-08-12 Lunch Ride to Boonies
2012-08-19 Ride to Chesapeake HD Union Hotel 2012-08-20 Bruce's Fair Weather Ride 2012-08-25 Delmarva HOG Picnic
2012-08-26 Hog Days of Summer Poker run 2012-08-31 New York Overnight trip 2012-09-01 First State HOG Fun Ride
2012-09-08 HOGS at The Beach 2012 2012-09-09 Lunch Ride to the Cambridge Diner 2012-09-12 Ride to Hooters Bike Night
2012-09-13 Cruzin the coast ride 2012-09-13 Delmarva Bike Week 2012-09-22 LOH ride to Fraziers
2012-09-23 Wounded Warrior Escort Ride 2012-09-28 York Open House Ride 2012-09-30 Cruising the Coast Ride ( Hooters)
2012-10-06 Pretty in Pink Seaford HD Open house 2012-10-14 LOH lunch ride to Doyles 2012-10-21 Toys for Tots Ride
2012-10-27 lunch ride to Public House 2012-11-04 Lunch ride Jakes Way back 2012-11-11 Docs Riverside Grille Ride
2012-11-17 GPS Seminar 2012-12-01 Seaford Christmas Parade 2012-12-02 Two Trees Lunch Ride
2012-12-06 Diva Night 2012-12-11 Stag Night 2012-12-30 Last Ride 2012
2012 Delmarva Chapter Meetings